Tesori di Celestia


Seek out the surprising ‘Tesori di Celestia’ - Treasures of Celestia - a beacon of antique & designer chic in the Castello sestiere
Lounging languorously behind a grand 15th century palazzo facade in one of the last remaining pockets of solidly traditional Venetian charm, this treasure trove apartment swaddles 8 in a stuccoed wonderland of time-honoured elegance and aristocratic good taste

Wearing the patina of its past with customary Venetian aplomb and harbouring a marvelously curated mélange of ancient beams, gleaming terrazzo and dazzling chandeliers offset with ‘of the moment’ furnishings fully in tune with modern times, the freshly renovated Tesori di Celestia comprises 4 bedrooms & 3 bathrooms arranged in 2 semi-independent apartments* connected by stairs