Venezia, now, marvelous and safe


Discover the uniqueness and special charms of Venice without sacrificing comfort: our selection of exclusive properties and personalised services will guarantee an unforgettable stay.

Our staff will be happy to assist you during your holiday; from booking the water taxi upon your arrival, to grocery deliveries to your apartment; you can also savour the experience of a private dinner with dedicated menus designed for you by our chefs. 

Explore our suggestions for enjoying Venezia, its silence, its reflections, its history, its sea:

  • A wonderful newly renovated apartment a few steps from Piazza San Marco
  • Reserved car parking in Piazzale Roma
  • A private water taxi from Piazzale Roma to the property
  • Personalized shopping deliveries
  • Menus prepared by qualified chefs, with the highest hygiene standards and in compliance with current regulations, served in your apartment or in an environment reserved only for you
  • A private guide to visit the city in compliance with distancing and health and safety standards.

Write to us at [email protected] for a quote and to plan the details of your next holiday in Venice.